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Shanghai Rui Chu Biological Technology Co., Ltd. ( is a collection of technical services, biological reagent supplies R & D and sales of integrated high-tech enterprises. The company currently owns its own brand "Rui Chu biological REBIO", and provide this brand of technical services and biological reagents supplies equipment. The company's technical services include key services in the biological areas of molecular biology, proteomics, cellular microbiology, zoology and botany. The company sells products including nucleic acid extraction reagents, PCR reagents, nucleic acid electrophoresis reagents, endonucleases, ligation and transformation reagents, protein electrophoresis blotting reagents, protein extraction quantitation reagents, competent cells, detection reagents, biochemical reagents, standards, antibiotics, Reagents, buffer solutions, media reagents, tissue culture reagents, animal immunogens, conventional kits, media and the like. Company sales supplies include plastic supplies, glass supplies, stainless steel supplies and other supplies. The company sells the instrument for the independent development of small intelligent, practical, cost-effective laboratory equipment. At the same time the company can provide reagent customization services, you can customize for you any reagent you need.
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