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About order method:
(1) direct registration site members directly online ordering support Alipay, WeChat and business card payment;
(2) Call 021-59145618 ordering hotline order;
(3) Log in directly to Taobao flagship store order;
(4) Login Download Center Download Order Form Send to: Order
Note: In the case of mail confirmation contract or purchase order, goods and invoices can be sent together, the public account.

About invoice:
The Company issued general VAT invoices and VAT invoices, for your reimbursement. Invoice denomination is the tax price of goods and freight, please rest assured to buy, we will put the freight into the invoice. Please write down the invoice in the note column.

About payment:
Billing account:
Company Name     Shanghai Rui Chu Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Tel         021-60543596
Taxpayer Identification Number         91310116057685530X
Bank name       Bank of China Bank of China branch in Changning, Shanghai
Account       454663168779

Company Name        Shanghai Rui Chu Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Kunshan Branch
Tel        021-60543596
Taxpayer Identification Number      91320583MA1Q4P344Y
Bank name        Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank
Account       3052251012019000000826

No billing account:
Shanghai Rui Chu Biological Technology Co., Ltd. only designated financial individual accounts
Account       Jiang Zi Jun
Bank of China     China Construction Bank Shanghai branch sixth
Account number      6227 0012 1588 0600 909

Alipay transfer please pay the following account
Account name      Shanghai Rui Chu Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

In order to facilitate the university academic institutions business card settlement, this site opened a business card payment. Alipay online payment options can be selected, login Alipay account to add a bank card (enter the official card number can) (business card is generally a credit card, please pay by credit card payment).

About shipping:
(1) Biologic reagents need to be refrigerated and transported. Foam boxes and a certain amount of ice packs are needed for shipping (special products require dry ice), and the shipping amount will be put into the invoice. Freight to show prevail
(2) conventional reagents using courier, shipping to show prevail.
(3) The default big objects sent Debon logistics, shipping costs need to contact customer service calculation.
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Q Q: 1559129659
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